Self Check-in explanation

Please read carefully

Thank you for choosing to be our guests.

As our hotel runs a self-check in system, you will receive two codes -
on the day of your arrival at the latest - one for the hotel front door and another 
one for the safe box in which your room key will be placed.
You will know the number of your room before your arrival.

The self- check-in is after 20:00.

The hotel front door code should be entered as follows: (code#)
FOR EXAMPLE: If the hotel front door code for your reservation is 123456, at the door you should enter 123456 and press the # key.
In case of error just press the * key and start over.

The safe box for your room code code should be entered as follows: (code Е)
FOR EXAMPLE: If the safe box for your room code for your reservation is 1234, at the door you should enter 1234 and press the E key.
In case of error just press the C key and start over.

To learn more about checking in with us, please read the short answers and questions below in this message.

When can I check-in?
Check-in is from 14:00 on. Your hotel front door code will be activated at 14:00 o'clock on the day of your arrival.

When should I check-out?
Check-out is 12:00 at noon on the day of your departure at the latest. That is also the time when your keys will stop working. When leaving the hotel, please put the room key in the box labelled KEYS at the reception desk.

May I check-in or check-out later?
The door codes will be active only within the time of your reservation. Unfortunately, we cannot change that.

How do I get my room key?
We at the Avion hotel work with automated locks. When you enter the hotel using the first code you will see safe boxes and prior to that you will have been informed
the number of the room where you will stay. The safe box numbers correspond to room numbers. Your key will be there. The second code is for the safe box. Next to each key there is a chip to unlock the hotel front door, which you can use during your stay, rather than entering a code every time you enter the hotel.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the hotel rooms. Please, do not smoke. Rooms are furnished with tables, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, TV sets.
Most of the rooms are with balconies where one can smoke, there are ashtrays on the balconies. The rooms without balconies have windows that can be opened.

There are hotel's own WiFi routers in every room.

There are no personal safe boxes in the rooms.

The hotels does not have own parking lot, however, there is a public parking lot on the street in front of the hotel.

Pets are allowed in the hotel as the fee depends on the number of pets. The fee is 20.00lv. per pet, per night. Discounts and additional negotiation are possible in larger numbers, so please contact hotel management.

If the door code does not work, please wait 5-6 seconds, then slowly try to enter it again. If you've forgotten it, keep in mind that your code was sent by email and also by phone (for those who provided a phone number when booking).
Enter the code again if it does not work, please call the customer service centre: +359886600864

I have forgotten my code, what should I do?
The codes are sent to your email and to your phone if you provided one when booking.
If you still cannot find them, please call the customer service centre: +359886600864

Thanks for choosing Family Hotel Avion !
Have a nice stay with us!